Katherine VonArendonk wrote in “VULTURE” Magazine July 19, 2018:
“If the only good thing about this season were Chenoweth’s performance, it’d still be worth watching. It’d probably be worth it just for her costumes and accessories — in the first episode alone, she wears a turban, carries a cigarette holder that’s longer than her forearm, and dons a lavender floral ruffled swim cap that’s somehow also a mockery of the idea of swim caps. The swim cap is especially a throwback, fussy and demur, and also so marvelously extra that it almost pulls focus from the scene. Which is a decent summary of Chenoweth’s character: self-obsessed and eye-catching and utterly cuckoo. Lavinia is sociopathic, existing in a world only barely resembling reality. There’s a brief scene in a later episode where she rapidly gathers an entire formal meal inside a tablecloth and stuffs the whole bundle out a window; I watched it four times.”Life Sentence

Also in Vulture, writer Kristin Chenoweth talks through some of the stunning costume designs that didn’t make it to the screen in Trial and Error.

Worn on TV has a great spread on Trial and Error too, with a selection from season 2 here. YouTube shows off more in this trailer for the second season.

CW’s Life Sentence (right) is well covered by Worn on TV, with plenty of Lucy Hale’s costumes in evidence. On YouTube Lucy talks about her Life Sentence wardrobe, comparing it to what she wore in a previous show.

The great look of Cedar Cove

Nola Ojomu at did a great job writing up Andie MacDowall’s great looks on Cedar Cove a while ago. Words like ‘timeless’ and ‘simple but chic’ summed up the collection.

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